Bachelor- and Mastertheses

Following, you can find a list of topics for a Bachelor or Masterthesis. For further possible topics, please contact Frau Prof. Dr. Schmalz.

A guideline for student theses was developed with the Department of Hydraulic Engineering and Hydraulics which should help to create the thesis at our requirements.

GIS-based spatial assessment of the flash tide risk at the Gersprenz – catchment area M.Sc. Amrei David
Extension of an event-based hydrological model (HEC-HMS) of the Fischbach catchment by radar precipitation as input data – MT M.Sc. Amrei David
Set-up and comparison of two hydraulic models (HEC-RAS, FloodArea) for event-based storm modelling in a small Hessian (low mountain) catchment (<50km²) – MT M.Sc. Amrei David
Model set-up in HEC-RAS for event-based storm modelling in two (or one) exemplary Hessian (Low mountain range -) catchments (<50km²) – MT / BT M.Sc. Amrei David
Heavy rainfall and runoff analysis with data analysis (radar rainfall and precipitation stations) in the Fischbach catchment – BT M.Sc. Amrei David
Development of a GIS Plug-Ins for a automated generating of input data for BlueM M.Sc. Michael Kissel