Integrierte Wasserwirtschaft

Module Integrated Water Resources Management and Development (IWRDM)

The module Integrated Water Resources Management and Development is assessed with 6 CP.

In an introductory session the basic course structure will be presented and discussed and the course calender will be fixed. The course consists of a row of 7 block containing lectures and exercises, followed by group work (2 members each) on case studies. The results of the course work has to be presented and discussed between all course members. Examoinations will be both oral and written.

The basic contents of the module are:

  • Objectives of sustainable integrated water management,
  • Technical, economic. social, ecological and legal aspects of integrated water management,
  • Basic definition and criteria for assessment of sutainable water management,
  • Determination of available firm water yield and demand,
  • Competing and complementary water uses,
  • Water management under global change conditions,
  • Demand management options, construction of water infrastructure and optimisation of system operation,
  • Application of Simulations and Optimisation techniques,
  • Structure und application of decision support systems,
  • Presentation and discussion of existing water resources systems on different scales, e.g.:
    • Ebro system, Spain (national, one river basin),
    • Awash River, Ethiopia (national, one internal river basin),
    • California Water Plan (federal, several river basins),
    • Aquedotto Pugliese (several provinces, several river basins),
    • Water resources board Eifel Rur WVER (federal, one river basin, partly transboundary),
    • Modau River basin (Regional, South Hessia, small river basin.
  • Comparative description of river basin strategies for different case studies individually or in small teams including presentation of results.

Course dates and location



The course is given in english.