Ingenieurhydrologie III

Engineering Hydrology III

The module Engineering Hydrology III comprises 6 CP.

Based on the basics of the engineering hydrology are deepended the requirements and tools of the planning-engineer in this course. The focus is the modelling of water management systems, but the focus is mainly on natural, agricultural and forest catchment areas. A further aspect is the professional basic conditions for the planning. First, the theoretical basics for the mathematical simulation of water and material balances are introduced as well as the associated model approaches of various complexities. The main part of the modul is a short introduction to the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and their application in hydrological modelling. There will be followed practical model applications for the natural catchment area (precipitation runoff modelling).

The main contents of the modul are:

  • Modelling of water management systems and natural catchment areas
  • Technical and legal background
  • Theoretical basics for the mathematical simulation of water and material balances as well as dynamic processes
  • Introduction to the Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Application of GIS for hydrological modelling
  • Interpretation and evaluation of simulation results

In June of this year will be a half-day excursion to the Fischbach catchment area with a visit to the Groß-Bieberau 2 water gauge. The excursion will be complemented by explanations on measuring flow velocities and land use.


The examination is an orally examination with an individual examination date. Please refer the information by the study office.


Lecture cycle

The modul takes in the summer semester.


The modul will be presented in german.