Ingenieurhydrologie II

Engineering Hydrology II

The module “Engineering Hydrology II” comprises 6 CP and consists of lectures, a semester-accompanying exercises and an examination.

Based on the introduction events of the Hydraulic Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering and Hydraulics and Engineering Hydrology I, will be deepened the scientific basics of hydrology.

Interactions between atmospheric circulation and water cycle, connections to hydromechanics and soil physics will be taught. The course leads to the mathematical simulation of the hydrological cycle intensively with their interactions in the environment. The basics of modelling and optimization of complex systems will be covered. Finally, the application of hydrological knowledge for the development and operation of water management systems will be presented by means of examples, in particular of storage management.

The main contents of the modul are:

  • Consideration of the hydrological cycle
  • Processes in the atmosphere
  • plant-soil-water system
  • Wave transformation in natural waters and canals
  • Antrophogenic influences to hydrological processes
  • Introduction to modelling

The excercises increase the Knowledges of the main contents in the modul by sample exercises.




German Literature:

English Literature:

Lecture Cycle

The modul takes in the winter semester.


The modul will be conducted in german.