Ingenieurhydrologie I

Engineering Hydrology I

The module “Engineering Hydrology I (Bachelor-course)” comprises 3 CP. The course consists of lectures, excercises in the lecture hall, semester-accompanying exercises (study achievement) and an examination (examination achievement). The course builds on the basics of the course Hydraulic Engineering, Water Management and Hydraulics.

The course introduces the basics of hydrology to show the engineering problems. After a description of the hydrological cycle, will be discussed the measurement and evaluation methods for their observation and quantification. The next block will be show the calculation of methods for processes of the land phase in the hydrological cycle. The effects of anthropogenic activity on the hydrological cycle will be presented on several examples. The modul concludes with various practical examples.

The main contents of the modul are:

  • Driving forces of the hydrological cycle
  • Sub-processes of the hydrological cycle,
  • Characteristics of catchments
  • Measuring methods for: precipitation, evaporation, runoff, infiltration, groundwater, soil moisture
  • Mass balance equation
  • Calculation methods for: mean areal precipitation, rainfall distribution, hydrographs, flood routing
  • Statistical analysis of hydrological data
  • Anthropogenic influences on the water balance., dams
  • Introduction EU-WFD

In the excercises at the university the main contents of the modul will be increase the knowledge by sample exercises. The semester-accompanying exercises (study achievement) serve to apply the knowledge in the lecture by the practical examples.




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Lecture Cycle

The modul takes in the summer semester.