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Welcome to the Chair of Engineering Hydrology and Water Management (ihwb)

Our homepage offers an overview of our research activities, lectures, publications and events. We thank you for your interest in the ihwb and hope you will find all the information you desire.

The Chair of Engineering Hydrology and Water Management is part of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department of the Technische Universität Darmstadt. As of February 2016 the chair is held by Professor Dr. habil. Britta Schmalz.

Tasks and research topics:

Hydrological cycle
Hydrological cycle
  • catchment hydrology
  • analysis of hydrological processes in low mountain range areas
  • analysis of meteorological and hydrological data
  • measurement and modelling of water and material fluxes
  • soil erosion and sediment transport – measurement and modelling
  • analysis and modelling of heavy rainfall events
  • Drought and low flow analysis
  • integrated ecohydrological modelling of aquatic ecosystems
  • hydrological impacts of climate and land use changes
  • integrated river basin and water management