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Welcome at the section of Engineering Hydrology and Water Management (ihwb)

The section of Engineering Hydrology and Water Management (ihwb) is part of the Institute of Hydraulic and Water Resources Engineering , that also comprises the Section of Hydraulic Engineering as well as the Research Laboratory for Hydrological Measuring and the Laboratory for Hydraulic Engineering.

Hydrological cycle
Hydrological cycle

The basic tasks of the section are the phenomenological and mathematical description of the hydrological cycle including the physical and chemical properties. Fundamental components of the hydrological cycle are rainfall, evaporation, surface run-off, soil humidity as well as ground water. These components have to be measured and evaluated statistically. Of particular interest is the research of the underlying physical processes and the interaction of single elements. To do so mathematical models are developed and utilised almost exlusively today. Aim of the modelling is the calculation of parameters for water management as well as hydrological and material balances with the assumption of future developments, e.g. impacts of climate change on the water balance or the consequences of anthropological interference.

The second essential field of activity is the development and management of optimum complex water supply systems based on entire river catchments. Again for these purposes complex models are applied wherein infrastructure facilities and installations, e.g. large dams, irrigation systems and sewage treatment plants, are implemented. For the optimization as well as the operation of those systems algorithms based on simulation are being developed and tested. The range of purposes of that kind of water management surveys vary from flood prevention to the improvement of the ecological condition of water whereas several purposes have to be considered.

Next to research and teachings ihwb operates a research laboratory for hydrological measuring which advising technical authorities of federal states on quality management.

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